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Today’s Happenings

We started off this morning hoping to send one of our students up for his FIRST SOLO.  Winds reported as variable at 5 knots.  Actual winds gusting to 17 knots.  Getting the observation right? PRICELESS!  Next, we took a flight up the Hudson River to West Point with a special guest!  He is a  former member of the U.S. Army Air Corps (that’s what they used to call the Air Force).  This flight was then followed up by our nine year old student, Morgan, who always claims she wants to be ten!  Just after take off, Morgan took the controls and flew the chief flight instructor and her dad over her house and down over Lake Hopatcong!  We now have a new hobbs meter in N8350R.  Tom took it on a post maintenance flight with our A&P, (that’s aviationese for mechanic) Steep turns, stalls, (the aerodynamic kind), GPS WAAS 22 approach.

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