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Private Pilot License

It all starts here!  Whether you want to earn your private pilot certificate in order to fly somewhere on vacation, visit family, travel more freely for business, or fly heavy jets for an airline, your private pilot certificate is the very first step.   As a certificated private pilot you may fly and carry passengers day or night under visual flight rules (VFR). While you may not fly for hire, you can split the operating costs with your passengers.

Fischer Aviation will ensure you get the most comprehensive training from the very beginning.  While many schools may teach you the “how” during your flight training, we will also teach you the “why”.  Learning the “why” is critical in the development of a safe, forward thinking pilot. We stress real world scenarios.  Students will develop the mental skill set to make solid decisions with instructor supervision and advice.

To obtain a private pilot certificate, you must be at least 17 years old, and have a minimum of 35 flight hours in an FAA part 141 approved school. A non-approved school will require 40 hours.  “The national average, however, indicates that the typical student pilot tends to require more than 70 hours of training, regardless of the type of school, to earn a private-pilot license.”  This is not true for everyone, and many of our students learn with considerably less time.  As with any type of training, the more you dedicate to it, the quicker it will go.  You must also pass the FAA private pilot written examination (a 60 question multiple choice test) and a check-ride with the FAA or an FAA Designated Examiner. You must pass a Class III medical exam with an FAA-approved doctor every five years if you are under 40 years old; otherwise, every two years.


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