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Instrument Rating

The greatest benefit to having your instrument rating is the enhanced level of safety and proficiency it will give to you.  Whether you intend to launch into instrument conditions, or you just want to know that you can handle them should they arise, your instrument rating will ensure you are capable of using the airplane to its fullest potential.  Once you have earned your instrument rating, you will be able to fly in the clouds under instrument flight rules (IFR) and in visibility which is less than that required for VFR (Visual Flight Rules).

To obtain an instrument rating, you must have at least 35 hours of instrument instruction in a FAA Part 141 Approved flight school.  A non-approved school requires 40 hours.  You can start logging this time once you have your private pilot certificate.  The odds of acquiring your instrument rating close to the minimum time is more likely than with the initial private certificate because you already know how to fly.  You must also pass an FAA written examination and a check-ride with an FAA Examiner or an FAA Designated Examiner.

With the addition of our new Precision Flight Controls CRX MAX ProMotion simulator, you can save drastically on money and time over training in the airplane alone.  In a matter of minutes after arriving at the airport, we can have you in the air on virtually any approach you need.  You will receive the amazing benefit of experiencing real world weather while remaining on the ground in complete safety!


With a fleet of IFR aircraft, a motion simulator, and Gold Seal CFIIs, there's no place better than Fischer Aviation to get your instrument rating.

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