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Commercial Pilot License

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Obtaining your commercial pilots license is a very rewarding journey. The requirements listed in FAR 61.129 are to be met before you are eligible. The biggest requirement is at least 250 hours of pilot time, a 250nm cross-country, 10 hours in a complex aircraft and of course a written exam. But enough about requirements lets talk flight training!

A commercial pilot is considered a professional pilot, smooth, coordinated and calculated. While learning Chandelles, Lazy 8’s, 8’s on pylons and power off 180’s you will hone your skills as a coordinated pilot who is always one step ahead of the airplane. Challenge yourself in an aircraft with retractable gear, manifold and rpm gauges for the variable pitch propeller and master our 200hp Piper Arrow III.

Some of the benefits to becoming a commercial pilot are being able to take money for services (flying for hire), a complex sign off and a discount on your aviation insurance policy. A good pilot is always learning and a commercial pilots licenses will take your skills and training to the next level. Want to fly like a pro? Fly with our professional CFI’s here at Fischer Aviation where your safety and training is our number one priority. Oh yeah, and have a lot of fun while doing it! Contact us for more information and begin your journey into a larger aviation field.


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