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Afra Bangash

I will write a short review, usually I write a novel 🙂 I joined this school because I wanted to be a real and a safe pilot, not just a certificate holder. With that being said, I wanted a school or an instructor that is serious about flying. Tom is not new to flying. He got a family history in aviation and he knows his stuff well. I’ve always been conscious about “who owns and runs the business”. like “Shopping @ Wal-Mart Vs. a family run store”. Try asking for a review or suggestion from an employee of big Corporate Run stores… they will just say “Isle 4” with an attitude. and then try shopping at a family run store and see what kind of customer service you get and the benefits of shopping there. I’ve personally worked at small growing companies… and I’ve noticed if one wants to grow…. they should join a growing company, not a giant firm. You will grow with a growing company. Fischer Aviation is a growing company/school… they just added a beautiful multi-engine bird to their fleet. I dream of working for Tom one day as a CFI. @ Fischer Aviation, you get trained one-on-one. The staff know you by name, and ‘personally’. You will be a part of the family, and its not just a short term transaction here. It’s a long term flight. “Start-Prop!” Tshhhhtk!

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