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Holding Short KABE

Private pilot student Sanjay Jain and CFI Tom Fischer holding short on rwy 24 at KABE.


Working on Landings!

Private pilot student Claire King-Wittman working on landings today with CFI Tom Fischer.


Long Solo Cross Country Flight

Private pilot student David Mindich back from his long solo xcty flight!!!


SWEET Air Conditioning

CFI Tom Fischer and Private Pilot Student Chris Cappelli taking advantage of the portable air conditioner for today’s noon flight!


FIRST SOLO – Private Pilot Student Matt O’Donnell

Congratulations to high school student AND private pilot student Matt O’Donnell for making his first solo flight today here at KCDW in Cessna N5253R on Runway 22!  Way to go, Matt!  We are so proud of you!!


FIRST SOLO – Private Pilot Student Vincent He

Congratulations to Private Pilot Student Vincent He on making his FIRST SOLO FLIGHT this evening at KCDW in Cessna Skyhawk N811JD on RNWY 22!!! Awesome, Vincent!


WOOT! WOOT! WOOT!!! Private Pilot Ke Liu

Congratulations to Private Pilot Ke Liu for passing his check ride this afternoon! Between several month long business trips to China and the birth of twins, Ke has become a pilot!!! We are all so happy for you and proud of you, Ke. Congratulations to Ke’s instructor, CFI Tom Fischer on another job well done!

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WOOT! WOOT!! WOOT!!! Private Pilot Paul Sabatini

Congratulations to Private Pilot Paul Sabatini for passing his check ride this morning here at Fischer Aviation KCDW!!! We are so proud of you, Paul! Congratulations to CFI Dave for for a job well done and for producing another safe pilot from our school.


CFI Dave & Private Pilot Student Matt O’Donnell

CFI Dave and Private Pilot Student Matt O’Donnell checking out the OV-1 Mohawk at KCDW!!


FIRST SOLO – Private Pilot Student Mark Botnick

Congratulations to Private Pilot Student Mark Botnick on completing his first solo in Cessna 90559!!! Way to go Mark!  Great work!!



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