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Viral Patel

Ever since my first day at Fischer Aviation when I picked up an information packet, I’ve felt like I was in the perfect learning environment. Tom and Jodi (the owners) have built an amazing atmosphere. The facilities are modern and immaculate. More importantly, you’re treated like a member of their family. They take aircraft maintenance very seriously and have a choice of high wing and low wing training aircraft. The instructors all have different personalities and teaching styles which makes it easy to find one that best fits your learning style. It is actually encouraged for you to find an instructor that you mesh with best. A lot of the students (myself included) are busy professionals who pursue the dream of flying on the side and have constantly shifting schedules. The people at Fischer realize this and are very understanding of our reality. I highly recommend booking an introductory flight lesson so you can see for yourself why Fischer Aviation is a great place to learn how to fly.

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Fischer Aviation, Inc.
165 Passaic Avenue
Fairfield New Jersey 07004


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