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Mathieu Barbin

As many of you, I have a very nyc-busy kind of life, you know what it is. I always try to make the most of my time. I am very demanding and dedicated when it comes to work, and the same about learning. When I decided a few months ago that I would go ahead with my longstanding dream to fly, I was looking for an efficient program in a school where I could learn from the best instructors. I looked online for flying schools around the city, and I gave a call to Jodi. I liked her personality right away, very friendly and professional. We talked a few minutes, she asked me different things about me and my aeronautics past experience (glider). I really liked to feel that my story mattered. She scheduled an intro flight with Tomoharu. This first flight had it all : Beautiful view through the windshield, radio coms, some light manoeuvres and most important I really liked Tomoharu. Excellent pilot with great teaching skills, a very accurate knowledge of the whole area. He visibly enjoyed the flight as much as I did, which I found great. He made me feel safe, and I was sure that this would work perfectly. I jumped into the details to get me started asap, very eager to learn. Tomoharu is now my instructor, and each flight together is a chance for me to learn new things. We have lately flown the hudson river corridor. I’ll never forget seeing the city’s skyline on the left from the pilot seat going south, as well as the turn we made around the statue of liberty, there is just no words to describe such an experience, this is what all this is about.
Caldwell Airport is probably the training airport with the easiest access from the city. There are bus connections from Port Authority which would get you there in just 30 minutes. In this class D airport, you’ll get to learn a lot about radio communications with the tower and the ground without spending time waiting for other aircrafts in the taxiways. A perfect balance and a great training environment.
I guess you can’t really explain why one wants to fly. If you have it in you, you know how it is. It is in your guts, you can’t get rid of it. You look up all the time, and hear the sky calling. If you have this sort of passion, don’t wait anymore, Fischer aviation has all the rest to make it finally happen in the best conditions possible.
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