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Joesan Gabaldon

Working to get a private pilot’s license is not easy, and often it feels as though the odds are stacked against you. But Tom and Jodi, and everyone over at Fischer is just unbelievably helpful and supportive. The instructors are incredible, and extremely thorough. I’m currently flying with Bob as my instructor and he’s had years of experience as a flight instructor and is able to give great advice whenever he sees I’m having trouble with something. One piece of advice for aspiring pilots: Make sure you can dedicate a consistent, and solid amount of time for training, especially early on. And keep in mind that you’ll also need the weather to cooperate to get flight time in. I did feel like I somewhat wasted my first three months of training because of my sporadic availability, plus a lot of bad weather keeping me from getting a solid foundation. If you’ve got a passion for flying and are truly determined, or are just trying to test the waters, I’d highly recommend Fischer Aviation. Between the great instructors and the down to earth, family atmosphere, you just can’t go wrong.
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