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Jack Moore

There is no feeling like taking the controls of a plane in flight for the first time and there is no better place to do it then at Fischer Aviation! Tom, Jodi, and the rest of the team are extremely knowledgable, welcoming, and make sure that you are learning to fly safely during every step of the process.

As I work towards my Private Pilot License, Tom has covered Pre-Flight Ground Inspection, Take-Offs, Slow Flight, Steep Turns, S-Turns, Power-On Stalls, Power-Off Stalls, Landings, Radio Communication, and several Navigation Techniques with me. During the process of learning each of these items, Tom took the time to explain the maneuver, the key items to pay attention to, and consistently provides great tactical feedback, including demonstrations of maneuvers and where things could get more dangerous and how to avoid/respond to them. The care he takes always make me feel more comfortable and confident that I could handle a similar situation in the future!

I feel lucky to have found Fischer Aviation and highly recommend it to anyone looking to fly for the first time, add new certifications, or simply refine and improve current skills!

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