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Henry Roman

During my 27 years and 6 months of military service, I have spent countless hours sitting in the cockpit of a military aircraft as a passenger/observer.  During take offs and landings, I would say to myself ” I can do that!” I only dreamed of what it would be like to have the ability to fly an aircraft anywhere I wanted.

Fischer Aviation has helped turn that dream, my dream, into a reality! Mr. Thomas (Tom) Fischer has taken me under his wing (no pun intended) to patiently teach me how to safely aviate, navigate and communicate. He has demonstrated true instructional skills, a special trait that many simply do not have. Tom’s instructional techniques facilitates learning in a enjoyable , nonthreatening and safe environment. I spent many hours researching a good flight school to attend, and it finally paid off when I discovered FISCHER AVIATION. I called Fischer Aviation and spoke to Tom. He patiently answered my relentless number of questions. Never once rushing to get off the phone.  After my very first flight, I was hooked! I was on my way to becoming a Private Pilot.

Tom’s outstanding professional skills and dedication clearly meet his Mission Statement: “To ignite the flame within individuals of all ages who aspire to become aviators by creating an elite environment of continued learning so that they and aviators of all rating can become the best pilots they can be.” I am very proud to be part of such a great learning organization.  With Tom’s dedication to teaching, we will make my dream come true. Tom reflects great credit upon himself, his students, and the entire United States Aviation community! (2015)

Msgt. Henry Roman (Retired)

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