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David Verbrugge

Three key factors in choosing a flight school are the airport, the aircraft and the instruction. On these points, taken individually and collectively Fischer Aviation is a GREAT place to learn to fly. Airports come in two broad varieties – those with and without control towers. Flying out of an airport with a control tower is important because it forces you to (i) be become competent dealing with controlled airspace and (ii) comfortable using the radio. Fischer Aviation Operates out of Essex County (CDW) which is an airport with a control tower. From early in your flight training, you’ll be using the radio, talking to air traffic controllers and building competency and comfort with aviation communication. Some flight schools defer maintenance to maximize profits. Most flights schools specialize in one type of aircraft. On both these points Fischer Aviation is different in a good way. Tom takes obvious pride in his fleet of aircraft and maintains them well. Tom also flies both Piper (low-wing) and Cessna (high-wing) aircraft. This offers students the ability to choose the aircraft they are most interested in. Good instruction is focused on YOUR progress relative to a defined syllabus. Poor instruction is either focused on selling blocks of time upfront or simply running up the clock. Block of time are a bad idea because they create a conflict of interest for the school – your maturity as a pilot vs their profit margin. Fischer Aviation is strictly a pay-as-you go school. There is a clear syllabus with practical measures for each lesson. Teaching flying is the sole focus of Fischer Aviation. In my dealings with Tom, he and his staff have always demonstrated the highest levels of integrity. This gives me confidence that they are putting my interests and well-being first – this is important because while flying is safe and fun, it can also be unforgiving. SO, for the combination of a controlled airport, clean and well maintained aircraft and excellent instruction focused on my progress, Fischer Aviation is and has been a GREAT choice. If you’re thinking about flying, I highly recommend giving Fischer Aviation a call!

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