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Bob Izzo

It’s great to have the opportunity to acknowledge the professionalism, skill, proficiency and teaching acumen of Tom Fischer, a CFII I’ve probably given more than one or two headaches bumping along between layers doing IAP’s. You work up there, but on every flight you learn—better safety strategies, engine operation, aircraft control, weather assessment; even down to the smallest details of saving wear on a beacon switch or keeping the RPM’s up just a bit to prevent battery discharge during idle. Tom and Jodi’s launch of Fischer Aviation has been a terrific achievement in many ways, including the new, state of the art motion control flight simulator to make up the difference when the METAR shows gusts to 45K and 002 OVC.
Always proud to walk through the door of Fischer Aviation, “Where Angels and Generals Fear To Tread”!
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Fischer Aviation, Inc.
165 Passaic Avenue
Fairfield New Jersey 07004


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