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Fischer Teaches Popular Mechanics How to Fly

When Popular Mechanics Magazine asked best selling author, Josh Ferris, to write a story entitled “Learning to Fly,” Josh was less than skeptical.  Unlike most of our private pilot students, it was not Josh’s childhood dream to ever pilot an aircraft, and the very thought terrified him!  Reluctantly he agreed.

Hearst Magazines, owner of Popular Mechanics, went on a quest to find the right school and the perfect flight instructor to handle the petrified Josh.  After an in depth interview with CFI, Tom Fischer, their search was over.

Josh’s amazing story unfolds over four monthly issues of Popular Mechanics Magazine.  Part 1 of the story can be found in the May 2015 issue.  If you are someone who has always dreamed of becoming a pilot, but haven’t found the nerve, this story might just be the encouragement you need to get yourself going.  Otherwise, it is just a phenomenal read, both comical and touching.  Any pilot or human being will find a connection to this story and walk away wanting more!
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