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First Solo

Props (pun intended) to our student, Peter Handy, on his first solo flight! At approximately 3:00 pm Sunday May 6th, after some take-offs, landings, go-arounds, and simulated engine out approaches, Peter’s instructor Tom departed the Piper Cherokee N6462R to turn Peter loose.  Peter taxied to runway 22, and after a few minutes of waiting for arrivals to get on the ground, he was cleared for take-off, and off he went.  In no time he was climbing out and making his way around the pattern. His first approach and landing went off without a hitch, and as he taxied past Tom, who was waiting on the ramp near the taxiway, he got the thumbs up for another go.  The next trip up had a new twist, Peter was given instructions for a “left 270० to rejoin final for spacing”, he took it in stride and brought it back in for an even better landing than the first.  Excellent job, Peter!Peter Handy First Solo

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