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Bad Weather Can’t Stop Us from Training!

So when we have a loaded schedule, and the weather doesn’t cooperate, what do the students do all day? Why….. the simulator of course!!! This is Private Pilot Student, Andrew Gasparovic, tracking to SAX to join airway V188. We had many choices when it came to a simulator, and after doing heavy homework we found that nothing compared to the CRX Max Pro-Motion Simulator. Not only can it become complex, high performance, and multi-engine, but it can simulate weather and equipment failure scenarios. This sim’s abilities are infinite, and unlike other simulators out there, it can continue to grow and add on additional planes and features. The CRX Max Pro-Motion Simulator is also FAA approved and ours is currently loaded with more than 30 aircraft.  If your are looking to complete an instrument rating, save a bunch of money flying this sim instead of a plane.  Private pilots can log time too!

Private Pilot Student, Andrew Gasparovic

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